Social media

Put quite simply, it’s being human. It’s relationships. It’s no longer b2b or b2c, it’s h2h. Human to human! (I stole the h2h line from someone, can’t recall who, if you’re reading let me know so I can give you credit.) Be patient and you can win at this! Get aggressive about building relationships and … More Social media

The windshield

“If only my coach had given me more pt in high school…” “If only I were taller…” “If only she (or he) would have gone out with me…” Too often we look at our past and think all the answers are in the past somewhere. When in reality, you need to look ahead. When you … More The windshield


One thing I realized about myself is that I am constantly looking to the future, getting frustrated that I haven’t accomplished my goals yet. After all, I am 28 years old, I should have done it all by now, right? After hearing a message by pastor Ethan at church on the move earlier this year … More Remember